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Christmas Season Stop Staring! Picks

A Stop Staring! party dress is the perfect accessory for the festive season. From the office Christmas party to New Years Eve, Stop Staring! always rises to the occasion. Christmas parties are your time to dazzle and the Billion Dollar Baby Dress will make sure you’re the star. The cocktail dress comes in an array of colours. Those seeking a scene stealing entrance should opt for an eye catching white or navy dress, the on trend colours of the moment. [...]

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Stop Staring

Stop Staring was established in Los Angeles, California in 1997. Under the vision of head designer and founder Alicia Estrada, Stop Staring! has been redefining fashion for women for over two decades. As a teen, Alicia loved to scour vintage clothing stores, but failed to find designs that would fit her curves. Alicia began to alter the smaller garments, and eventually started crafting her own pin-up inspired drapes and patterns. Alicia’s designs would garner attention everywhere she wore them, and [...]

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